very funny universe (or, stuck in the middle)

mes amis,

well, well. doesn’t the great eternal spirit have a fine sense of humor. just the autre jour i wrote a missive about one especially fine toilette at the office-i-often-frequent. well, well. wouldn’t you know it. guess who got stuck in said toilette today? me, kippy!

that’s right mes amis. stuck in the toilette…with myself and a cell phone.

good thing an office person heard my pleas. and that another office person called building maintenance while still others held vigil outside of the now-famous toilette, telling me to “hang in there, kippy!” and “don’t you fret, we’ll get you outta there.”

one friend who also comes to the office-i0ften-frequent even passed me a note. a real message in a bottle! (though flat and made of paper).

phew. i am free now. i am free. thank g-d almighty, i am free at last.

over and out,


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