do the shuffle

my friends and neighbours,

will someone do the courtesy of explaining to me the point of the ipod shuffle? who in their right mind would by such a device! i mean truly? at least with pandora you can blame the website for picking a poor chanson, but with shuffle, you don’t even know what you’re getting next. and you have only yourself to chide.

(then again, in my salad days i once remarked with staunch sternness, “who in their right mind would want to watch a DVD on a computer?!” what a fool i was…and continue to be! now, i watch films almost exclusively on my big mac (book). plus, the occasional tv series.)

anyway, the shuffle is a rather unattractive device.

yet, one song i certainly would not skip on my ipod is “beautiful nebraska,” the official song of the cornhusker state (and the 37th one to join the union!).

ok. that’s all for now.

ps. just what is the ‘beyond’ in bed bath &beyond?


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