a song, a toilette, et une douche

mes amis,

the weather is dreary but my soul is on fire.

let me explain. i have heard a wonderful song recently and the chorus of voices has been dans ma tete ever since. hear it is!

another thing. that old feminist said, ‘a rose is a rose is a rose.’ well duh. kippy says: a toilette is a toilette is a toilette! why is it that certain bathrooms appeal to the sense more than others? there is a bathroom in an office-i-often-frequent that is by far the best. good lighting scheme, private and spacious. there is even a little chair in case you want to invite in a friend! someone i know, who also visits the office frequently, will even use that chair to meditate.

surely his excellency the buddah would have approved!

one more thing: this douche, i mean dude, compares theatre-making to drug dealing. (the rest of what he says is actually quite smart and nice and probably he is a great human being…) but umm, theatre and drugs? really?? i love a bizarre contradiction but only when it is based in some truth. and this comparison overlooks three big ones.  ie. theatre does not have money, danger or glamor–but surely drugs do! i know my naysayers will claim that drugs are not glamorous, but i would urge them to name one cool theatre practioner. every drug dealer i’ve known is cooler than even the coolest theatre cats with whom i’ve ever meow-ed.

over and out!


One Response to “a song, a toilette, et une douche”

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    […] well. doesn’t the great eternal spirit have a fine sense of humor. just the autre jour i wrote a missive about one especially fine toilette at the office-i-often-frequent. well, well. […]

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