today is music day

mes amis,

three musical things have crossed my kippy eyes (and ears… duh!) today.

the first is old school.

a little italian somberness to put you in a focused state of mind. i did not know who the heck gesualdo was until a day ago. can you believe? but now that i have discovered him, i am most keen on hearing more gesualdian tunes! (apparently he invented chromatisms…whatever they are…which might just turn into daily catechisms!)

har har and jk… by now you should know that this kippy is irreligious!

…speaking of choral bits and pieces, i am so excited for the social network movie. i don’t care what anyone says, jesse eisenberg is as cute as corn-ball toot. i quite loved him in that squid whale flick and much enjoyed the new yorker article about mark zuckerberg. even if the movie is a mellow drama flip flop, i know i will love it. the trailer, btw, is amaze.

so is the children’s chorus to one of my fave radiohead songs. call my kippy, don’t call me corny! (but you can call me a cute corn ball if you must)

lastly, this is a music video with dogs dancing in it. and the lead singer looks quite a lot like marcel duchamp prize winner!

a toot a l’heur mes amis,


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