my friends and fellow citizens of earth,

will anyone tell me what terry jones was thinking with his little threat to burn a holy text? i have been tempted to expound on this for days but have held off and feel relieved (finally) that he’s called off his stunt.

not cute.

but you know what is cute? the taqiyah that imam muhammed musri, standing next to fire-marshall-terry, is sporting.

i prefer my taqiyahs in purple, or a light lavender, or perhaps with a bit of gold sequins but i guess that’s just my shade-of-the-moment preference piping up! i do like imam’s classic white. simplicity is the keynote of elegance.

but getting back to business, i just have a hard time understanding why people are so bummed out about plans to build the islamic center near where those former twin towers stood. naturally those grounds are holy–and the tragedies that took place there should not be taken lightly–but what better way to aim for peace and forgiveness than by building such a center near those hallowed blocks? perhaps alongside the islamic center could be a center for peace….

…one for buddhism, another for judaism and christianity. ooh and lets not forget hinduism, zoroastrianism and that favorite black sheep of mine: atheism!

[one quip i am most proud of. when asked about my own belief in g-d, i always respond: i’m more of a seventh … as opposed to an eighth-theist! yes my friends, this kippy is an agnostic]

on other light notes–you may find yourself fighting off tears of laughter and fits of stomach spasms when you see this hooligan, phil davison, bloviating about his run for stark county treasurer.

…masters of communication indeed!



2 Responses to “islama–bad?”

  1. claire Says:

    “i do like imam’s classic white. simplicity is the keynote of elegance.” classic kippy at her best.

    • kippywinston Says:

      “simplicity is the keynote of elegance” is in fact a quote stolen from a certain asleep at the wheel protagonist’s grandmother. see if you can figure that one out! love, kippy ps. did i hear you dined in soho last night? lovely!

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