foam soap

my friends,

may i pose a question, and simultaneously summon the days of seinfeld yore, by asking:

what’s the deal with foam soap?

initially, i was intrigued…amused…bewitched even (!), that such an old product–i.e. soap–could somehow seem innovative, fresh, and perhaps even a little fun. i marveled at this ‘foam’ soap when i’d spot it on road trips, use it in a fancy office building, or lather up in some unknown, never-to-be-returned-to restaurant stall.

charmed was i by this new fangled soap!

but then something happened.

something changed.

foam soap became ubiquitous!

suddenly it seemed that this frothy concoction followed me everywhere, even to an office building i frequent monday through fridays when not traveling. so insidious was the arrival of this foamy soap i barely noticed. in fact, i almost took glee b/c the old soap did not have such a fragrant scent.

(ooh not to mention—long gone are the days of bar soap. imagine seeing one of those sad confections in a public restroom. ick! i will say, however, that in a household, i much prefer my soap in bar form. it’s exceedingly personal, intimate even. you really can tell a lot about a person by looking at the condition of his or her bar soap)

but i digress. how does foam soap even work? according to wisegeek, it is ‘a form of liquid soap which has been whipped with air to create a foam of soap bubbles.’ how vile! i would rather let the soap meet the air in my presence. meet the pressure from my hands in my presence (!) i would rather be the author of creation to a rich lather to cleanse than have it pre-made in some factory.

imagine: foam soap is like already-chewed bubble gum. or a bicycle whose wheels are pre-spun. where is the fun in that? i never thought soap would mean so much to me until foam soap sprouted everywhere. it almost makes one give up on the desire to wash hands at all. why bother? the lather having already been created, do you really need to rub your hands together? what’s the point?

ooh sigh. what is the world coming to?

don’t even get me started on hand sanitizer. wink!

andy rooney‘s currently kindred spirit,
kippy winston

ps. i revise some of my previous statements re bolt buses. i took one down to the district of columbia recently and was most impressed by the speed, drivers, and cleanliness. plus, the seats (on one ride they were leather!) were a bit nicer than fung. i will continue to fung to  my homeland but just may give boston-bound-bolts another chance.


4 Responses to “foam soap”

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  3. Annie Says:

    I found this post by searching “what’s the deal with foam soap”. Yours was the very first result, so naturally I clicked it. I was so pleasantly surprised to find someone else having the exact same question and thoughts regarding this whole foam soap ordeal. While washing my hands in nearly any public restroom, I find myself longing for the days of liquid soap and the tiny joy I would get out of creating my own slimy mixture only to blow bubbles. I completely agree with you – foam soap takes all the fun out of it. Thanks again for your delightful opinion!!!

    • kippywinston Says:

      Thanks for your fine words of agreement…!
      Pleased to hear that I’m not alone either in an unending curiosity (and animosity!) toward the foam soap.
      All best, Kippy

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