an era no more (or, why i still ride the fung wah bus)

my friends,

i still ride the fung wah bus.

or the lucky star depending. i’m not picky–so as long as that box-on-wheels leaves from chinatown on time and goes well beyond the speed limit to deliver me to my native beantown.

you might laugh and say “why on earth would you ride the chinatown bus when there are other affordable (and safer) options?”

i will pause for your laughter.

pause for you to pose your question.

and then i will tell you why i ride the fung wah bus.

chinatown buses provide a freewheeling freedom that this wanderluster loves. there’s no thrill like walking up to a jankity old window in chinatown and saying “one for boston, please.” then handing over a twenty to the tired lady with the faded smile behind the counter and getting a ticket and fiver dollar bill in return. that’s what i call freedom.

with the chinatown buses there’s no fuss, no muss. i have tried those other affordable  buses (namely bolt and mega) but they chaff at my libertarian wheelings and dealings. i don’t like having to punch in credit card numbers, check email confirmations, make print outs, or contend with that rude request to “please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure to ensure a seat” … no, no my friends, such tasks are not for me. i will show up when i please and take all the chances i can get!

those other buses feign to be ‘better’ with their highspeed wireless or lack of trash bags, but i know the real deal. and the real deal is this: people smell bad everywhere. and the seats are just the same. not so com-for-table.

on these other buses, there is a long and unruly process of getting out the big apple. to leave from the west side of manhattan is senseless, nonsense, makes no sense and positively incenses me every time i’ve had to endure it!

no, no my friends. i prefer to zip on out of lower manhattan and fly straight on to that bqe slice-of-pie highway into the sky. gets you to your destination faster, don’t you know!

now, i will admit. i have enjoyed a certain fancy bus (when on someone else’s dime, natch!). and though i love a little class and comfort (snacks and beverages are served complimentary on the limoliner), i much prefer to break the rules and arrive looking fine and with time to spare. i do love how the limoliner attendants treat it like an old fashioned airplane-on-wheels. but you and i know deep down that only bus that really flies is the fung.

still, even old fung and lucky are getting a bit browbeaten by some bureaucracy (or bureau-crazy as i call it!) one feels it particularly upon leaving boston where the bus leaves from south station (as opposed to chinatown) and where the tickets are now sold behind a proper stand (until recently it was still willy nilly town at the gate).


anyhoo. c’est tout for today’s rhapsodizing.

btw: nothing like a little pam thai with an old pal to reboot the spirit and enliven the taste buds. (don’t be fooled by the flashy website. it’s a jankity as i am ridiculous!)

one last thing.

as for today’s nytimes article on san francisco style, i can only say that flip flops and woolen coats are never au current! i have visited the city-on-the-bay a hat trick of times now, and i can say with certainty that the fashionables described by guy trebey have never once been spotted by this reporter. hmph!



5 Responses to “an era no more (or, why i still ride the fung wah bus)”

  1. foam soap « Kippywinston's Weblog Says:

    […] Kippywinston's Weblog Hey world. Here I am. Kippy Winston and loving life. « an era no more (or, why i still ride the fung wah bus) […]

  2. Jas Says:

    Thanks Kippy for the San Francisco shout out. As a SF gal myself, I agree that the NY times article didn’t know what it was talking about with fashion. Let me know the next time you’re in the bay area and we’ll go shopping!

    • kippywinston Says:

      soul sister of mine–i will most def go shopping and tooting around with you on my next visit to the bay area. some of the finest clothing items in my selection were purchased while in your presence. VIVA!

  3. Lego Minifigures Says:

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    • kippywinston Says:

      Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.
      What is Zynga?
      I try to keep up to day on the interwebs but I am usually found living under a rock.
      Ahh.. a quick internet search shows me many kinds of zynga… C’est vrais?
      A bientot!

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