beat the heat

ooh dear me,

so much to report on my friends. first of all: what a stew it is out there! how anyone is venturing outdoors in this heat is beyond me… but evidently there are braver souls than i…

my pal spotted the one and only bill cunningham of the nytimes earlier today. she was even inspired to write a fan letter! and has shared it with me. read it here:

Dear Bill Cunningham,

Today I spotted you in your signature blue coat on 7th ave in the garment district. I’m afraid I don’t think you spotted me… my fashion pales compared to some other more formidable fashionistas… but I was so pleased to see you sailing along on your bicycle with a smile on your face in brazen defiance of the summer’s punishing sun and temperatures. It made my day. Keep up the great work!

Your fan,
E**** B***

well, well. i hope mr. cunningham responds. but who knows what his internet tendencies are… given that he is a rather old salt (if a spritely one at that!)

what else? the 25 cent opera firm that opera-ates out of barbes once a month outdid themselves once again last night. i was most tickled with the conceptual comedy as performed by karen davis and also completely in awe (wink!) of dorothea lasky‘s totally delightful poetry and heartfelt interludes. brava to all!

oof. and let’s not forget the funny business going on in iceland right now. no no, i am not referring to hera björk’s recent eurovision antics—holding up a volcano after singing her ‘je ne sais quoi‘ (though i do love that!) rather i am referring to jon gnarr‘s recent election. congrats jon! i am sure you will do the best job possible. double wink and har har.



reminds me of my time in lovely iceland


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