not so small

my friends and followers,

when it rains it pours! the painter of light arrested for a dui? octoroony-toon? actors misbehaving … and then behaving very well?

first off saw the very delightful (and distressingly depressing) the small last night at that thumb place. they do know how to pack a house … it’s a like a ‘who’s who’ of downtown royalty. (too bad theatre peeps are such paupers though!) j/k … everyone was as well dressed as they could be given the sultry circumstances of the about-to-be-closed yet still-air-condition-less ohio theatre. some like it hot! and so does kippy.

anyhoo. was pleased to be greeted with a warm reception but what tickled me even more were the excellent performances, sharp direction (by les waters), and unexpected (yet expectedly excellent) script from anne washburn. from maria dizzia’s refreshing naturalism to matt maher’s delectable quirk factor, it was an evening to remember. not to mention those insane and amazing songs.

next up: painter of light. what has he done? ! i think the pic is worth a thousand pixels of paint.

read more about thomas kinkade’s trying times here.

and now what we’ve all been waiting for. octoroony-toon. it is the rare moment when a community as small as new york downtown theatre is enraptured by a scandal. and now is the moment! i won’t rehash all the hullabaloo here … i’ll just say that i can’t wait to see the show… even if the publicity tactics are lamest and oldest in the book. they’re clearly working. my pal texted not a moment ago “just passed some guy on cell phone yapping about the octoroon!”


ps this video is great! you’ll be seeing more of it in blue dress reduction at the undergroundzero festival july 20-24


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