joy ride

mes amis,

can’t say my time in the city of wind was 100% ‘ah-gray-ah-bluh’… indeed, it was more gray than ah-gray-ah-bluh…! those large hotels don’t have much natural sunlight which really does a damper on kippy’s mood + vitamin d levels. hmph!

nevertheless, i sure enjoyed catching up with an old art & literature pal from my salad days who now lives in the city of wind. a hickory burger for me (and veggie for him) were just what we needed to rehash war stories from our college years (four for me and three for him) giggling with glee over the memories of crazy fellow students and bizarre profs was a great antidote to the very serious theatre conversations that were bubbling up elsewhere.

the conference itself was a whirlwind… i much enjoyed a 500 clown workshop and of course the chances to chit chat with young theatre stars such as beantown’s company one and the windy city’s own the hypocrites. ooh and how can i forget the catch up with my old co-worker who was volunteering?! that was nice too. plus it was strange and unnerving in a good way to rub elbows with theatre leaders whose institutions have budgets of over $5 million. (yowzer!)

last night’s joy ride with co-workers and and a certain rapper of repute was just the right kind of unexpected spin (literally!) the journey needed. hear qualo‘s “pockets” defend the rights of artistic expression here. (not until the 5th minute)

c’est la!



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