oldies but goodies

hey pals,

off to the windy city tomorrow for some conference type thing my press agent signed me up for. lord knows what it will entail… i’m guessing talks about the “state” of theatre. sigh!

meantime, i’ve been meaning to link to this (also below) for quite some time… it’s a fabu little video song-nod to yours truly. and speaking of, did you hear those obie-winning cats + cads are remounting their three pianos at NY theatre workshop in the fall? i know, i know. big time.

speaking of big time: a half straddle pal will be involved with the upcoming builders association show in montclair, nj in the fall. while i avoid america’s armpit at all costs, i am told that those builders pay well. so three cheers for dirty jers!

and now, something not so cheerful. i saw a certain show on saturday by clubbed dumb. i mean thumb. anyhow, the appalling treatment of this city’s press truly could be summed up by the frigid reception–or lack thereof–that i received. they almost didn’t have my ticket ready! the sweltering theatre heat and unsaved seat also proved unsavory. at least the delightful tunes by mike iveson perked me up as sung by the delectable lynne mccollough. too bad the show wasn’t just her… her appearances were divine!

that’s all folks. until next time when i’ve returned un-rested and wind blown.


ps. i almost forgot! mark your calendars for a sneak peek of blue dress reduction presented the evening of june 27 at barbes in pk slope.


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