the problem with broadway musical music

my friends,

last night the jonathan larson grant award ceremony was held here in old new york and let me tell you: it was a sight for sore ears. larson’s own selection, entitled “boho days,” was a stirring beebopping a-capella-esque send up of living in new york. no easy feat. (that is, neither living in new york nor writing a song about it is easy-peasy)

the other selections, there were three in total, were from the grant winners themselves and sadly these tunes were not nearly as guiltily pleasing as the larson ditty. sigh.

as i turned to my companion, an inimitable composer and himself a jonathan larson grant winner, i whispered: “the problem with these songs is how they’re sung!” well, that and the tired rhymes, the tired acting, and the very tired plot telling. snooze-a-looza. but the real issue that seemed so easily solvable were those broadway trained voices.

yes, they are amazing. amazingly cheesy. so what to do when you want to turn your whipped cheeze-whiz song into a camembert concerto or an extra-sharp cheddar chatarunga hit? you’ve gotta change it up. get different cheese curds. that’s the word! kippy’s word at least. just imagine some b’way songs sung without all the annoying affectation. imagine if those tunes were sung honestly! i know. makes your head, and ears, just wanna explode.

see you later ‘gators,


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