biggest ‘little theatre’ you ever saw

my friends and neighbors,

prepare yourself. tonight is the biggest ‘little theatre’ you ever saw at dixon place in manhattan’s lower east side. yes. asleep at the wheel comes at you live and alive and full-of-flaws-fan-tastic for the first (and quite possibly last) time.

don’t say you meant to be there, you’re sorry you missed it. or that you had too much work, were soooo swamped, or felt too pooped. by all means, don’t come. you could just read 501 (c) blues: staying sane in the nonprofit game… but how much fun would that really be?where’d the music be?

for the brave souls who make it out tonight: kippy salutes you.


song list

laughter blowing through my nose
you come in and out of my inbox
ca ca ca candy
let’s go drinking


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