yum in the tum

my friends,

please pardon my absence these past few weeks. was budapest bound and let me tell you: it was absolutely budaliscious! (thanks wes, for that one.)

since my return, i’ve seen a few things worthy of note. one was banana bag & bodice‘s sandwich. if you’re not familiar with these rascals, familiarize thyself. i quite liked the utterly absurd nature of their venture into meat eating… paired with holiday charms. i esp. loved the harmonies of the pre-show “up on a rooftop,” which has been in my head since, and of course wham!’s “last christmas,” an awful/awesome holiday song if ever there were one.

oh yeah and saw cate blanchett in a streetcar named desire at bam but was very pooped and dozed for most of the second act. [sigh.] at any rate, i believe i prefered the version i caught in latvia from galina poliscuka’s theatre observatory.

next on tap are some hanukkah and christmas parties… and tomorrow i’ll be on set of a film called franny’s perfect man about a young woman who builds a robot because–you guessed it–there’s a shortage of perfect men. personally, i’d prefer franny farmer’s perfect ham but you know how kippy rolls!

over + out brussels sprouts,



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