what is the world coming to


you know i am a free-wheeling and free lovin’ kinda gal. but what, may i ask you, is the state of the world coming to with song titles  like trey songz‘s “i invented sex”?

don’t get me wrong. i ain’t mad at those pecs. or that winning smile. no sir. but does trey songz really want me to believe he invented sex? that primal joining of the flesh between two souls? hmm? you may be handsome trey but, no, i do not believe you ‘invented sex,’ trey. ‘doing the nasty,’ maybe. but ‘inventing sex’? no. that sounds way too scientific and historic for this traveling lass. poetic licences indeed!

and trey songz–what kind of a name is that, anyway? you’re riffing on french, très, i get it. and pairing it with a tween spelling of songs. but the effect is hardly tantalizing. certainly not at tantalizing as the photos on your official website.

trey song isn’t even catchy either! or, as those who are off living la dolce vita put it, “orecchiabile” … earful. you can give a listen here but don’t say i didn’t warn you!


her kippyness


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