be late, ed. (all wales welcome)

my friends and citizens,

i nearly forgot. yesterdays’ work and play shenanigans just got the better of me and now here i sit–a full 24 hours later than intended–with my missive re. corduroy day.

yes, my friends. yesterday nov. 11 (or 11/11) is indeed a holiday of sorts. for some, this is old news. for others, i can only hope it is a juicy tid bit to add to your trivia treasure trove.

though i have never attended an official corduroy appreciation club event, i am sure i would find myself in good company. all wales welcome! sigh. so here’s to that old phrase, wait ’til next year!


then again, i am sure this girl wished it were a cord appreciation club. heh heh.

and the play shenanigans have been many this week! on monday it was jenny allen‘s i got sick then i got better. i am a big fan of her work and can only hope to follow in her shaddow/light?/steps (?) (well, spare me the cancer, please!). too soon? ok.

yesterday was a double header. ann marie healy’s what once we felt. i’ve got two words for you: creep show. and then the much sung circle mirror tranformation, which i could wax on about but just go and see it, will you? although i gotta say, i am a bit fatigued over quirky sensitive people and how totally charming they are. just give me convention alreay! oy!

ooh! and before i forget. speaking of convention (or lackthereof) my half straddle gals will be presenting their uproarious latest piece, sliding whores, (you read that right) at dixon place next monday. be there or be a square.




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