let’s bow our heads


sources in boston, massachusetts tell me that the inimitable brother blue has passed away. he surely was a special soul.

when i was ten–and just greasing my storytelling wheels–i performed with a few select classmates at the (now defuct) booksellers cafe in cambridge. who turned up but brother blue. at the time, i was unfamiliar with his oeuvre, but once on stage he proved mesmerizing. a captivating teller of tales both tall and small. i recall he wanted to write book called ‘ahhhhh’ (much  better said aloud) and that he elicited a reaction from my mother that surprised me. i believe it was the first–and possibly only–time i perceived her to flirt with another man besides my father (!)

plus, this guy did the worm.

anyway. brother blue is in the heavens now so let’s bow our heads.

Brother Blue_3941

in totally seperate news, i thought this was kind of amazing. apparently arnold schwarzenegger is into acostic messages that start with f and end in u! it seems tom ammiano and the rest of the california legislature ruffled the terminator’s feathers. who knew the hulky governor had such a sense of humor and such finely attuned mathematical skills?! more in the wall street journal and the veto itself is here.




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