peter sell out

my friends and neighbors,

my “over dew” piece was meant to be posted back in august pre-vacation and ooh how the time flies! clearly i was in need of some r und r seeing that it never got published. oopsies.

and here we are in sept. back-to-school, back to life, and  back to the new year. shana tova!

now then. on to business. recently i had some spies see the peter sellars othello in the big apple. and let me say: boring worms on stage for four hours ruin the whole bunch! or is it barrel?

anyway, one incognito insouciant gal claimed she’d have walked out had she not been in the company of those who apparently liked it. well… evidently even her pals had some qualms: such as that ugly (and obvious?) green sweater philip seymour hoffman had stretched over his pot belly. or those military/flight attendant get ups. or that dumb screen thing as the bed. or, the extremely

s l o w



that’s right. snooze city. it seems hard to make othello dull. murder! intrigue! jealousy! i mean, hello?!

peter sell out: speed it up, will you? maybe that’s just the director in me talking (and by director i mean business minded and to-the-point a la behavioral styles, not in the theatre sense…then again, who knows what life has in store…)

ok the kips has spoken. over and out.


PS. what’s the deal with women wearing stockings in 80 degree weather? i know it’s fall but honeys if its humid let your legs breathe!

PPS. the one saving grace of the othello was this cute toot‘s face on stage. you may know him from friday night lights…. or from your day dreams! kippy nation loves you, Gaius Charles



2 Responses to “peter sell out”

  1. lizzyb Says:

    I love you, Kippy!

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