cross your arms and say a prayer

My friends and colleagues.

It pains me greatly that the seminal (and germinal!) Rivington Arms recently folded its arms. Nevertheless, I am cheered that my associate Greg Portz has opened his own art gallery…online…on Facebook. Note his photo experiement about perception and vision.

glasses1 tina-glasses

Rivington Arms was singular. But there’s something about Portz’s renegade, can-do attitude that tells me young artists will always thrive. Such esprit in the face of our times is admirable… even as the economy goes to the wolves.

…and speaking of wolves. Please check out Half Straddle‘s The Knockout Blow at HERE Arts Center this weekend. It’s a fine piece of theatre. I’m even told that such blogebrities as David Cote and George Hunka (what a hunka!) may be writing tributes. More to come.

I leave you will a modern day wolf-ette.



2 Responses to “cross your arms and say a prayer”

  1. George Hunka Says:

    Well, if you put it like that …

    Flattery will get you everywhere.

  2. kippywinston Says:

    I’m told that honey attracts more bees (and press) than vinegar. So yes indeedy!

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